Beautiful British Columbia : Inspiration from Nature

My wife and I took a trip an hour or so outside of our home town to Hope, BC. Here are a few of the better shots I took. You might have to look close, as there’s lots going on in these photos. Take your time and study them though, because there’s some incredible trees here. Prepare to be inspired!


The pictures don’t do this place justice. Everything was huge. I can’t even guess at how tall some of these trees were. The canyon walls looked infinitely tall in some areas. 2nd and 3rd photos from the bottom both have huuuuge cascading sections. It was incrrrrredible seeing them in person. The bottom photo with that huge root jetting down some 30feet to the next ledge with moisture. Those huge trees arching off the canyon walls were insanely big. I have no idea how they manage to hang onto the vertical rock. The whole experience was amazing. I was lost for words.


It’s really gorgeous out there. I hope to visit one day!

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Amazing trees and the whole scene. It is surprizing what you see when you have features you are looking for regardless of subject. There are great trees to see along the coast too. Beautiful forest groups on small island around the Johnstone Bight The pronoun on the license plate is right on the mark - “Beautiful British Columbia”

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Wow! Looks like the loggers won’t be getting those ancients.
I planted about 50,000 trees in BC in the 90s. I often wonder how they are getting on…