Ash juniper help

Hello mirai forum! I am needing some advice, opinions, and suggestions. to start off and set the stage, I have recently found a gorgeous ash juniper for sale, the specimen in question is currently located in Texas, while I am located in the midwest zone 6b. I do not currently have a greenhouse as my trees are predominantly deciduous and tropical/subtropical.
It’s my understanding that the ash juniper’s hardiness range is roughly 9-7, this being the case I am curious if a greenhouse would be necessary to get this guy through winter, or if there were other options like burying it in the ground and mulching around it. its got a very slender and curved trunk lending itself to a literati or bunjin style, and with temps getting close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit every once in a while I’m not sure it would be able to withstand it.
It really is gorgeous and i believe i may have fallen in love with it, so if any has some good ideas on how I can best protect it, and ensure it’s health i would be truly appreciative!