Are streams ever coming back?

For me, the conversational streams have been the whole point. Being able to see the unspoken parts of the work repeated again and again, as well as learning what is possible with impeccable technique oven time has been at least as valuable as the structured educational content. If the future is app only, I don’t think it’s for me. However, if this is temporary I’m ok to just wait. I just don’t want to wait for something that is never coming back.


I’m not sure…I really hope they do even if it’s in a limited capacity and much less frequent than before.

He said there would be different kind of content. Ryan keeps maintaining good things will be coming our way.

At the moment the focus seems to be on the app. Which is understandable because that takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and evolve. And seeing as they are a very small team naturally they have to prioritize and focus their energy.

So my guess is that its just a question of time before we see more great things coming from the Mirai team. I loved the streams aswel but i am confindent and put my faith in the Mirai team. They have yet to disappoint and only keep producing great things!

I agree, I’m not sure the app is worth paying for solely. And re-re-re-watching the videos is getting old. When it was said that he’d just take some lesser quality videos of everyday work I figured it would still be worth it. But only did like two videos like that and then nothing since the larch video. Tuesdays used to be my favorite day of the week. Now it’s just blahhhh!


The stream has been my best experience and teacher. I don’t have a local club and I’ve learned more from Mirai than all the books, YouTubes and blogs combined. Yes the videos can be long and tedious but I learn something new whenever I rewatch a video. But I’ve always thought “how long can Ryan keep this up”. I hope Mirai keeps evolving.

I’m sure it’s a lot of work to keep up everyday. But even if it was Super first Tuesday of the month. And only do a live stream once a month would be better than nothing. And I can’t afford a Pro membership which does appear to have at least been getting more out of the app and the live Q and A’s. I’ll wait and see but I probably won’t wait too much longer.

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Agreed the app isn’t useful for me either, I got a years sub for the videos right before they announced they’d stop producing them :frowning: