Anyone growing mission olive in colder climates?

I picked up this little mission olive at the grocery store of all places. It was on sale and had the start of a nice nebari and some lower trunk movement. Since it’s still pencil thin, I plan to put some wire on it this fall, then put it in a colander in the spring and just let it rock out for several years.

I looked it up and the internets say mission olive is the most cold tolerant of the olives so if there’s any olive I could grow up her in the mountains east of Seattle, this would be it.

Anyone have any luck growing mission olive (or any olive) in colder climates? Any tips?

Here’s some pics.


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I also picked up an olive at the grocery store last year. I kept it inside during the winter and it continued to grow slowly. It is not outside since we are most likely frost free for several months. I may keep it in the greenhouse (just above freezing) for part of next winter to give it a rest.

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Yeah, I wondered about keepingit inslide vs outside this coming winter and may just keep it in the temporary greenhouse I use. I probably need to do some research on exactly how cold tollerant they are.

Also found a few videos on olive Ryan did in 2019 and 2020.