Anyone ever work with weeping bald cypress?

I found a huge weeping bald cypress for $215 at a local nursery. A bit (okay a lot) more than I would spend on nursery stock, but the base is huge. Like 10" across and buttresses like crazy. My only worry is that it’ll just look like a mop when it’s leafed out. :confused:

You mean like this?! Ha! I have never worked with them, but I am sure under the right hand it could be great. But $215 is steep.

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Haha, exactly. Granted all of the pictures I’ve seen have had way more branches on the tree than I would have. $215 is definitely steep, but the base is something that would take several years, if not a decade, to achieve. It looks very similar to the base on the tree in the pic below. Basically I’d be buying myself time. I’d also try to air layer off the top part of the trunk so I can get a twofer out of it. :crossed_fingers:t4:

They just issued a state-wide stay at home rule though, so I won’t be getting it anytime soon.

Well, if it is a 2 for 1 deal…And I have had plenty of success air-layering bald cypress, so may be worth it.

That is a great tree, by the way.

Wish I could say that was my tree, but they did basically what I plan on doing. I’ve got two in the ground rn. I’m gonna let them buttress and then chop and pull up a new leader.

Pulled the trigger today and bought the tree. I’ve regretted missing out on trees in the past and didn’t want to have that regret again. The base is so dope. There’s a big circle root. Largest I’ve ever seen. It eventually makes its way out the bottom of the pot which is probably how it got so thick. Can’t wait to get this into a pot next year. Gonna start working on the air layer soon.

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Looks good! I was hoping you would pull the trigger; just to see what it turned into. It’ll be great.

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Worked on the nebari. Man alive. So nice. There’s a pretty big root coming off of the front that takes a hard right and circles like crazy. You can see it up against the right edge of the pot. Need to ask Ryan if pond cypress is vein specific. The flairs are roots that eventually separate from the main trunk and create some space underneath them. Looks like a quintessential pond cypress in my opinion.