Any idea what know kind of bug this is?

I found this hibernating inside the leaves of my coastal live oak. I live in the Central valley of C

alifornia if that helps

Google lens is telling me a type of caterpillar. If it was in the leaves of your oak, could be. But I’m not 100% certain

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It was in the leaves and had stuck them together with silk to make a little home.

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Probably a moth rather than a butterfly. Hopefully they didn’t munch on too many leaves before they cocooned up! Not sure how your guys oak galls are this year, but those have been out in force this year too

One branch was nibbled a bit but should be fine. Don’t Jenkins me with the gaul lol. I have several valley oaks on the go. No trouble with them one of my favorite local trees. All the old ones are always twisted and gnarled.

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