An example of symbiotic tree behavior

I know it’s not bonsai, but I still found this to be pretty interesting.


There’s a couple of YouTube videos on “It’s OK to be Smart” that talk about the mycorrhizal network of forests. Really interesting stuff.


Odd that it never re-sprouted. Also how is it moving sap into the upper trunk, if it is a closed system? Seem like there would have to be some transpiration to keep capillary pressure up and the water moving. Maybe the ‘bark’ can photosynthesize and also exchange water/gases?

Perhaps it was using the other trees around it to satisfy those mechanisms?

The root systems have grafted together so the stump trees roots have become an extended system for the living foliage tree.

I work in forestry/timber, and I found this book to be really eye opening. I think it would be interesting if Ryan brought Peter Wohlleben on to Asymmetry.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Gonna grab that from the library.

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Thanks for letting me know!! I’ll see what we can do, he would be an awesome Asymmetry guest.