Adding mycelium to 1.1.1 soil

adding mycelium laced compost as top dressing. this seems to be new/old way to garden, why not for bonsai

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Some people do inoculate with mycorrhiza/mycelium but you have to be thoughtful about how you do it. Adding a compost means adding some organic matter that will end up clogging the air spaces in the aggregate soil mix. One of the other things to consider too is whether you are adding the right stuff that will form a relationship with the tree or not.

With the right care and with organic fertilizers, the right mycorrhiza will eventually make it’s way into the container and will begin to populate the container.


thanks for your advice. I started using organic pellets and small amounts of fish liquid. most of my trees still have original soil close in. so mycelium should be present. this soil stays wet when its dry around it. makes watering challenging. Trying to keep balance of water and oxygen most important thing.

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