Soil Bacteria / Microbes Question


I am not exactly new to bonsai but I am relatively new to taking it seriously. Also, I am no stranger to gardening. :slight_smile:

As a gardener I would periodically inoculate the soil around my plants with worm compost tea to help boost the beneficial soil microbes.

Nearly all of my trees are planted in a mostly rocky mixture with some amount of peat moss to boost acidity and improve water retention.

So my question is, while my trees are doing well over the last few years I am wondering if periodically using compost tea to introduce/maintain some level of soil microbes would be useful, harmful, or pointless?


I believe it would be beneficial :evergreen_tree::metal:t2:
Have listened to any of the Ian Hunter Asymmetry Podcasts on soil science?
Full of brain swelling info!

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Well thank you!

I will have a look and see what I can find.


They basically discuss this exact topic. Ryan said that they’re experimenting with it as well and will likely continue to do so. Here’s a 5 minute feature stream on it as well.

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In response to my own question I found this recently published article. (Aug 27, 2019)

While it does not get into application details it gives a good overview of the subject and it’s current state. The article has plenty of links to other articles and TED Talks on the subject.