4 Foot Bougainvillea - 100 lbs in the pot

I don’t ever want to lift it again but I know I’m going to.


What are it’s dimensions?

I haven’t measured, but it’s big. Here’s a video for some context…


w h o a

trees that size are called ‘three person trees’ for a reason!

but also I want it.

Definitely huge! The nickname fits! lol

Oooooh… awsome. I’m jealous… Never thought of videoing this stuff…:rofl:
Just my opinion for sake of hernia… Lose the top right third, the left lower limb by 1/4, and repot into shallower pot…
I have a Perry Ellerman(?) Elm. Urban collected. Took a wheelbarrow and truck… cut off the top half and stuck in a 22 inch pot. 10 gallons of soil… cant lift it. Have to slide it off bench on a 2x6 and back up for winter storage. It was the smaller of the two.
Growing like crazy. Cut the taller limb back by 1 foot this summer.

Need to swap it for smaller trees… Gotta love bonsai…

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it’s been a while.