Your oldest tree

What’s everyones oldest tree? It can be the tree you’ve had the longest or the actual oldest tree in terms of age of tree. Just wondering and wanted to start a discussion. The tree I’ve had the longest is my Burt Davy Ficus that I’ve had for 3 years and my oldest tree is a sugar maple that had been cut back a billion times over the years from being in someones yard, I would say it’s probably 4-6 years old

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A billion may be exaggerated? Many of my yamadori are over 90 to 100 years old. The longest potted tree I have is a Juniperinus Virginiana I worked in a workshop in 1990 .I am proud that tree is still alive. Probably a sign of how hard it is to kill that species!
Mine is a very small collection and just starting to work with collander grown seedlings. Not recommended for old dudes like me with little patience.

A wonderful Ponderosa 300-400 years old. I have 5 more 135-225 years approximately.

I have a ponderosa estimated to be over 250, Thuja that should be over 150, a few larches that are between 150 and 200, a a red pine (Pinus resinosa) that should be around 100 and a couple of other Thuja that should be near 100 too.