Yatsubusa air layering

Hey all!

We had some requests to see photos of the Yatsubusa elm that was used for air layering (the one that we’ve streamed on recently). Here are some photos pre-airlayering:

Unfortunately we don’t have any photos mid-air-layer, but we do have some after the layers were completed–once I get those from Ryan I’ll add to this thread. Enjoy!


I’m sorry, did I hear you correctly? Did you say these will be in this year’s tree sale? :laughing:

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I mean, stranger things have happened :laughing:

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@sam do you mind to share the link to the live stream: can’t find it with keywords “elm” or “air layering” or Yatsubusa. Thank you!!!

Hey Sonia! There’s not a stream about the air layering but the yatsubusa is featured in these streams:


I’ll make sure everything is tagged properly so it all comes up in search. Thanks!

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Thank you Sam, lovely day to you

Oh I was on the right track with this beech (F.S. Spaethiana)