Yamadori worth it?

During my last walk I stepped over some quercus robur that where torn appart by the forest cleaning brigades.

Do you think they have any value as bonsai material?

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Hi @Tamino
Looks like they have the age. Do you have the vision?
Oak can be tricky to collect if it has a big tap root.


You need to hire a new cleaning crew… ( I know Germany requires civilians to clean a designated forest patch…)
Take a digger tool, ax and saw. Expect a long root.
The tap root on any older wild oak will be meters long. Get enough fine root hairs for the tree to survive.
I have lifted 10 year old field (acorn planted) oaks and cut waist long tap roots.
Even my seed grown potted oaks have long tap roots.
I cut after the second year, and hope for the best.
Now’s the time! Take photos!

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Hard to say without seeing the base. But definitely worth scraping away some soil and moss to get a good look at it.

Hello Kurt,

just fyi. there is no mandatory forest patch cleaning by civilians in Germany.

OK. My Austrian informant is probably 60 years out of date…:roll_eyes:
I wish our ‘capitalistic corporation’ style of forest management here in the US Pacific NW would be a little more carefull. Almost all of the old growth forests are gone.
It’s only about the profit…
Working on my oaks today! Restyling a 20 yo forest. Have not leafed out yet.
Bonsai on… (Oh, I LOVE spellcheck…)

Not crazy good, but, 20+ yo oak (what’s left) forest. New Japanese pot. Acorns, Utah oaks. Quarcus robur (?). No leaves yet.

Voles n mice got three… No loggers were involved…

Very nice little forest you’ve got going on there!