Wisteria Partial Defoliation Again?

The wisteria stream on 6/7/22 was a great help w/ partial defoliation and branch development. I did a partial defoliation of my J. wisteria a few weeks ago. I received an explosion of new leaves. Can and should I do another partial defoliation to accomplish balance and allow light to reach the interior? The tree appears healthy. However, this year it failed to produce a single flower. I last repotted the tree in March 2021. I read that I should reduce nitrogen and use 0-10-10 fertilizer. It is in full sun. Photos taken 2017 and 6/8/22.


I would say it is ready for a 2nd partial defoliation.

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Ha George, my wisteria did the same thing about 10 years ago. I repotted it and the following year it only had two blooms. I was told that Wisteria roots don’t like to be cut back much. But it did begin to produce more buds the following year.

I was told to just use 0-10-10 in the spring(April- May), because Nitrogen only makes the tree produce more leaves. I also read that wisteria some how produce their own Nitrogen.

Here is a attached a cheat sheet that I use.