Ginkgo Partial defoliation Yes or No?

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Partial defoliation on Ginkgo yes or no?


Ryan did a stream recently on ginkgo but he didn’t mention this if I recall correctly, However if it’s healthy and you’re looking for fine ramification it meets the criteria, large leaves and unlikely to flush again on it’s own. Not sure what you’ve got to lose by trying other than a year.

I assume we have a No. In the stream the presented method was to cut back any growth to just two leafs early in the season to prevent elongation. This then also is the reason why it is slow to build a ginkgo, because these two would be all you get for the year. >> From that one would assume there is no way to trigger a second flush or push of growth (at least non of which would be usable).

Experiment begins…



Will post the results as they happen.


game on.
Cool that you are going for it. Will definitely be interesting to see the results. One thing is see with your Ginkgo though is. that there are no extension from any buds but only the direct leafs.

keep us posted!

Given its evolutionary affinities I’d be surprised if this had a positive effect. It’s not closely related to any species, genus, or family that partial defoliation works with, so unless the mechanisms that are in place to deal with predatory browsing predate the evolution of angiosperms it’s is likely to merely weaken the tree (though not critically is it was in as good health as it appears from the photos).
Bonsai is far from a precise science though, so it may suprise me. Good luck!

Thanks Silva

Your theory seems sound and I may live to regret it next year. I have previously experienced multiple flushes but as with Pinus Sylvestris these may not be true flushes but the exhaustion of massive stored energy. I felt the tree was strong and its not something I was drawing a strong answer for so I can do my bit for the community!

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You’re only going to find out by trying. Good stuff in going for it.