Wintering Hinoki 'sekka'

I was recently gifted a Hinoki ‘sekka’ and was just curious to find out anybody’s experiences wintering this cultivar in temperate climates. I am in zone 5b (northeastern Pennsylvania) and was unsure if I would have to take any precautions above and beyond those that I use for my other trees; I’ve heard these can be somewhat temperamental. Winter temps here can get down into the mid to low teens during the coldest stretches and I would like to be prepared ahead of time to try to ensure the highest likelihood of success. Sadly I do NOT have access to a greenhouse.

That’s pretty low in temperature terms. Why don’t you make a cold frame and put it in there for the winter? Saves on the cost of a greenhouse.

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Do you have an unheated garage? If so, you could put it there? I’m in the Toronto, Ontario area and I keep quite a few of my smaller trees, including pines and junipers there over the winter. The bigger ones I heel into the garden frame area in my back yard.

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I have an unheated outdoor shed that I keep most my other trees in for winter with great success. I just wasn’t sure if this particular cultivar would fare as well as my other trees as they are a coastal species (from what I understand) and I thought might have a tougher time with the lower temps.