Which Brand Fish Emulsion?

Ryan recommended I supplement once with liquid Fish Emulsion on top of my normal biogold close to decandling my austrian pine to help it respond.

Which brand of fish emulsion do you recommend? Do you know which one Mirai uses?

I searched all prior threads and could only finds recommendations for Alaska, but it was just one or two persons.

Thanks a bunch!

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I use the Alaska Fish Emulsion as the primary liquid when I mix up a batch of home-made pellets. The main fertilizer is Dr. Earth Lawn fertilizer which is granular and I include a little Epsom Salts, Iron sulfate, blood meal, bone meal, and flour. Mix for 15 minutes in a dedicated Kitchen Aid mixer (OK it gets used for rocket propellant as well), and make hemispheres using a Norpro scoop for cookies and such (has a blade that rotates around the inside of the scoop to break the piece loose. I get 220 6g hemispheres using the 1/2T scoop (Biogold pieces weigh 1.45 g each), but am thinking of going to the 1T for scoop to reduce the scooping time. The downside to the Alaska Fish Emulsion is that it has a distinct odor so I don’t use it inside.

You might also want to check out this product -https://www.amazon.com/Yellow-Bottles-Seafuel-Bloom-liter/dp/B004HE51ZO/ref=sr_1_1?crid=G6GY7Z2JVXUF&dchild=1&keywords=seafuel+bloom&qid=1591408381&sprefix=seafuel%2Caps%2C202&sr=8-1

It’s what Peter Warren recommends. It’s a combination of fish emulsion, seaweed/kelp, & humates. Ryan has talked about the benefits of fish emulsion & seaweed as well. With this product you’re getting it all in one.

I’m using the Alaska Fish Emulsion myself right now and I’ll be switching to the Seafuel Bloom when that bottle is used up.

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I’m using GS Plant Food humic acid and their “fish & kelp blend”, which I normally mix. The humic acid was on sale at the start of the year and I bought a gallon (shipped) for less than $5.

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@Michael_P woah woah… $5? What do you think, I’m made out of money? I have $600 Horst pots to buy :rofl:

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You generally can also check with the „grow“ suppliers. There are a bunch of brands available which carry fish and kelp based products. Apparently helps the „Chillis“ to grow better ;-

Fish hydrolysate fertilize is far better than the fish emulsion because the fish are enzymatically cold pressed, keeping the oils, amino acids, vitamins, hormones, and enzymes in the product.

With a little bit of a Google search, as antlion said, there are a number of companies that offer a fish hydrolysate and kelp/seaweed blend that are less expensive than the Seafuel Bloom I originally suggested. I’ll be checking around to see if there’s a particular company other hobbyists recommend.

Well actually… even tho there’s no Loch Ness monster involved… it was about three fiddy.




That’s my current favorite liquid fish/seaweed product. I have previously used Growmore Seaweed extract, GS Plant Foods (humic, fish, yucca), also Neptunes Harvest products.

All of them are very good products.

for fertilizer i literally only use liquid fish fert. I dont have to worry about pesky animals messing with those ugly baskets for solid fert. I use this stuff