Which Branch should I prune on my JBP?

This is my favorite JBP, which I am ready to move towards refinement. My problem is that I’ve got two branches that are too close to each other. However, the higher branch adds substantially to right-side design, while the lower branch is the only one that creates adequate depth. One of them has to go (I think) but no matter which one I choose, there will be negative consequences. Any suggestions?

That’s a tough call. My first thought is that if you have to remove one of them, remove the upper one. The lower one has a early bifurcation where one of the Y could be used to replace the upper branch in the overall design.


My vote don’t remove the lower branch but remove the Y You could always remove the entire branch in the future. At the bifurcation, the arm which travels towards and. under the upper branch could be removed. Then I’d put some movement into the remainder of the lower branch, it’s a little straight. Nice tree!

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I second @nmhansen suggestion here.

Tough call indeed, if you need to cut one, I’d cut one of the y bifurcation for now.
The one that goes in the same direction as the upper brach. Wire the remaining one and if it’s still causing issues you could cut that off later on.

Wire some movement into the lower branch with a view to using it to replace the upper branch and to provide depth from the bifurcation. In a couple of years the upper branch can be removed and or jinned but doesn’t seem to be causing a problem with inverse taper at the moment.