Where to Start with Plumeria

Where do start with this Plumeria? Beautiful gift from my wife from the Epcot Bonsai show.

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Anybody is thinking what I’m thinking…? …or is it just my creepy thinking…? :wink::joy:

Recut the base so that its flush, dust with root hormone and let it callus over for a few days to a week. Once once you have a nice callus your good to go. I prefer the bag rooting method, fill a clear lunch bag with you substate of choice (pumice, perilite, coir, etc), moisten the substate so that its damp but not soaking wet. Next place you plumeria trunk in the bag so that the base is 2-3in deep. Finally take electrical tape and seal bag around the trunk. Begin at the top of the bag and work tape down.This will secure the cutting in the bag and stop any movement.

In a few weeks you should see plenty of new roots emerging. You can place the cutting on a heat mat to speed up the process if you’d like. I’ve used this method on all my plumeria with great success. Main thing is to make sure you have plenty of roots before you actually pot it. Plumeria are more similar the succulents than trees and will root if there is too much water before its established

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Now I see it…
No experience with Plumaria, they’re a bit too tropical for my locale. Wouldn’t it need to be grown to full height to be in proportion?