When to Hard Prune? Broadleaf Evergreen

I have two cleyera collected this spring, that were large and I pruned them back and left the 2 nearest leaves on each branch. All spring they have been growing and pushing out new leaves, but are still very leggy. What time of year is it best to hard prune way back to make the tree more compact? Should I wait for next spring to do this?

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As a general rule let newly collected stuff grow wild for the first year out of collection. I believe this to be pretty common practice.

Glad to hear they are growing so vigorously!!


I have little experience with broadleaf evergreens and was wondering this myself for Mountain Laurel. I am going to experiment with Rodney Clemmings approach to box wood and wait for spring push to harden off. Which should be next weekend after they are done flowering. Anyone please chime in if they have had better results with a different approach.

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