What's up with Ryan?

Really? You just share this picture on Instagram with no context? I assume Ryan’s okay and hoping this just looks worse than it was. Maybe he just met a tree that fought back?

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Wicked bar fight at Noi’s. You should see the other guys. :smiley:



hedge pruning argument gone physical


Oh, god! I hope he’s okay! Any news, @Sam?

Hey y’all, though I cannot explain why Ryan thought it was a good idea to post this photo without context, I can assure you that he is fine (with the aid of several staples). He decided to return to his longboarding glory days while hanging out with his son. Thank you for your concern!


here he goes again, dangerous practitioner (we are not asking about PPE)

he might want to look into something like this
for the next outing

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LOL. Yes, I’ve been there. Skateboarding is a dangerous sport to try and jump back in to. :slight_smile:


Oof a few more updates in the Instagram story now. Glad to hear he’ll be okay soon.

He has had one hell of a year this year.

Still have my skateboard… gave it up when I learned I don’t bounce so well anymore. 40 years ago…
Anything for the kids…:sunglasses:

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Lol, I bought my kiddo a longboard skateboard this past Christmas. I’m the only one that rides it. It’s usually weeks in between when I ride, so it always takes me some time to get comfortable again. I’m definitely not as coordinated and fearless as I used to be. :confused:

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Skate or die :grimacing: :grin: well done Ryan 45 years old here and still skating like a kid!

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