What's a good soil mix for a ponderosa pine

I have 3 ponderosa pines that are going to be needing repoting here in the next year or 3. I just wanted to get the mix together so I don’t have worry about it then .mind you I’m in texas zone 8b so I’m in a very hot and dry climate . For most of my pines I use pine bark expanded shale and turface and they are doing great just wasn’t sure if my mix would good for my ponderosas .any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I’d suggest a 1-1-1 Akadama, pumice lava. 1/8-1/4 in particle size.

[quote=“JoeHernandez14, post:1, topic:2209”]
I’m in texas zone 8b
[/quote]So does it get cold enough for ponderosa to have a dormant period? Not sure what your low temps are and for how long.

Hot and dry as you describe, but need cold and period for root growth and renewal of resources.

You know your environment better than any of us do. :thinking: