What species DON'T like Akadama?

Hey forum,
I’ve watched a few videos where Ryan mentions not to use Akadama in various species.
I’m just curious if there is a list or a resource somewhere that outlines these species??

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One Ryan had mentioned is common juniper. I have no experience with common juniper and no idea why it doesn’t like.

I don’t think there’s a defined list as such.

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I can’t recall him saying not to ever use akadama. Conifers and junipers call for a 1:1:1. I guess azalea would be the one thing we don’t use akadama with. Also, trees in development in grow boxes or bags would not call for akadama. You want coarse root growth in those situations. Akadama is a refinement tool.

Common juniper is just ultra picky. I repotted one last year and I’m still nursing it. It’s quickly putting itself on the transplant into the ground list as I start to run out of room on the benches.

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Not an answer to your question (actually, sort of the opposite), but I’ve noticed Ryan re-potting more trees into 100% akadama in the past half-year or so. Offhand, I can’t remember any videos where he discussed this, but I’ve definitely heard him say “straight akadama” multiple times in response to people asking which medium he planned to use while repotting a particular tree.

I’m watching the recent potentilla stream right now. Ryan is using 100% akadama for this repot.

As I understand it, he tends to us straight akadama for deciduous and broadleaf evergreen, both of which have been featured more on the livestreams lately. I think he also mentioned using it for some shohin conifers too, but I can’t remember exactly.