What do you use to seal wounds / assist grafting?

Ryan uses some type of putty for sealing wounds. I’m looking for something like that, as well as something (will the same product work?) for grafting. What are some of the better products available?

I believe that Ryan uses Callus Mate quite a bit and I think Mirai used to carry it, but I don’t see it now. Here is a link to it at the Bonsai Tonight Online Store - Cut Paste – Bonsai Tonight Online Store. Jonas carries several other types of wound sealers as well. The thick paste in the tub is fairly common. I got some beeswax from a beekeeper that was nice a soft and have used that as well.

That product is quite expensive here in the UK. The ones I’ve found here (Yegbong, Solabial, Ouhoe amongst others) are more like a paint.

Beeswax that I’ve seen is solid at room temperature. It sounds like yours was soft? I like using natural products. Would this work? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bees-Wax-Polish-Organic-toxins/dp/B007BD5E1Y/

I agree that most beeswax is solid at room temperature - I believe it has been purified. That beeswax polish may work, but it is listed as drying hard which means it includes some form of solvent. My general experience is that it is best to use a putty/paste that has been developed for bonsai. Even though they are not cheap to purchase, they tend to last for several years.