Watch your wire!

I unwired two spruces today and I have to say that:

  1. I missed a bit on the timing and in some places the wire bit quite a lot (see photo). I hope it recovers. Not the end of the world if it doesn’t, a new design opportunity ahead…

  2. Last time I checked it was still fine, a couple of weeks can make a big difference. Watch your wire.

  3. Unwiring, particularly the timing, is more important than wiring, you’re more likely to damage the tree unwiring it than wiring it. You may make mistakes wiring or it may not be super beautiful but most likely you’ll be able to get branches to where you want them to stay. If you miss the timing or don’t have the proper technique to unwire you’re likely to make more damage to the tree… and considering that every branch in your wired design might be important, if you loose one, you may have to rethink the whole design.


Did the branches stay in place after removal? :nerd_face:

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Wow, @rafi, that did bite pretty good. Hopefully it pulls through. I did the same on one of my trees. Just noticed it a week ago. Good reminder to people, for sure.


Hi @rafi
My gut feeling is that the branch will be OK after a season or two. Spruce tend to be good at healing branches, as they store energy in the vascular system. I accidentally ripped a branch off a small spruce a few years ago, and thought I could develop a shari, but the callous rolled so fast I gave up.


I have a feeling that maybe the cellular structure is more similar to that of pines than junipers in that it is non linear and so it can continue transporting water and nutrients. Lets see if it pools through… Hey @Bonsai_bob, yes the branch stayed in place, it didn’t fall to the ground :wink:

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