Vitamins, Growth Hormones and Auxin

Hello community, greetings from Chile! I am new in this community, hope to learn a lot from the great experience I see here.

I would like to share a couple of question, sorry if they are a little basic.

Some local Bonsaist recommended me to use a product which basically seems to be a combination of B Vitamins, some Growth Hormones and Auxin. The product doesn’t detail very well its label, but seems to be used for several farmers. I would like to know, according to your experience, your advices about:

1- This kind of products are good for Bonsais or they are not needed? Help in some way?
2- Here in Chile we are later winter and the climate begin to be warm during the day and colder during the nights. Bonsais started to open the buds and some leaf are growing. My question here is, if I use some of these products at this moment, do the trees will absorb the vitamins, hormones and auxin? If not, when should I apply them? Should I wait until spring season?

Thanks in advanced,

2 Likes All the studies I have seen say no benefit. People will use anyway. Better to give good soil, good light, and good water. I have used it because others swear they work! I have stopped using hormones and have been adding organic fertilizer with beneficial soil microbes. The product I use is Dr Earth Premium Gold organic and natural all purpose fertilizer. Just an ounce will inoculate the soil with microbes needed to keep the plant healthy.

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Thanks @Bonsai_bob!!! I also use an organic fertilizer (BioGold) and combined it with the vitamins I mentioned. I will review this procedure according to the information you provided me, will study a little more for the spring, which is coming in 4 weeks.

I appreciate that!