B Vitamins, Growth Hormones and Auxin

Hello community, greetings from Chile! I am new in this community, hope to learn a lot from the great experience I see here.

I would like to share a couple of question, sorry if they are a little basic.

Some local Bonsaist recommended me to use a product which basically seems to be a combination of B Vitamins, some Growth Hormones and Auxin. The product doesn’t detail very well its label, but seems to be used for several farmers. I would like to know, according to your experience, your advices about:

1- This kind of products are good for Bonsais or they are not needed? Help in some way?
2- Here in Chile we are later winter and the climate begin to be warm during the day and colder during the nights. Bonsais started to open the buds and some leaf are growing. My question here is, if I use some of these products at this moment, do the trees will absorb the vitamins, hormones and auxin? If not, when should I apply them? Should I wait until spring season?

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Hi Wilson, personally I would stay away from any product that doesn’t list exactly what it contains and its strength on the packaging.
What branch of agriculture is is used in and what is its main purpose?
Have you done an internet search of the product name?
It could seriously harm your trees so I think it best if you stick with recognised bonsai food or a product that’s readily available from garden centres.
Feeding your trees too early can cause weak sappy growth, they should have enough stored reserves to see them through the first few weeks of growth.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Keith! The product is called Superthrive, is very well know in the market, however I don’t know if it helps to bonsai growth.

Thanks in advanced,

I use SuperThrive, but as a supplement to my supplements. Mainly for the kelp. A late artist around here swore by the stuff and had good results. I tend to only use it on a newly repotted tree as a minor boost along with mycorrhizae.

As far as fert schedule; I do my fertilizing in the spring and fall…I say as I plan to do another round of fertilizing this weekend. A few weeks early, but plants are starting to show signs of coming out of summer condition.

I tried superthrive years ago in the late 90s but it didn’t seem to do anything. Although the manufacturer claims it is stuffed full of vitamins etc. there is nothing about it on their website. The product has been banned in Australia altogether!
It is supposed to be a kelp based product but (and I suspect I may be near the truth) it smells awful like extremely stale urine. Even my father (who was a professional gardener) said that’s what he thought it was also. Which would also explain the dilution rates which, just like using urine as a fertiliser, has to be diluted really heavily. BTW did you know urine actually contains NPK at 11 - 1 - 2.5. and it is used extensively. Most old gardeners know the trick to growing great vegetables…

Thanks @Bonsai_Bentley! I am also using as a complement of my organic fertilizers!

Thanks @Keith-in-UK! I am really confused about it, this topics is very argued, some people said it helps and some other not. Maybe the important question, independently the product brand, is what kind of complements (vitamins, hormones, etc.) to fertilizers are important to consider for Bonsais and when to use them. It makes sense?

I typically consider a few things when it comes to ferts (or any supplement) in bonsai.

  • How long will the fert be available to a plant in a shallow container?
  • How will the fert effect the biological environment I’m trying to build in the container?
  • How much build-up would the fert cause?

The most important question I ask myself is whether or not the plant needs fertilizer in the first place.

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