Using split trunk as an inverse tapper mitigation

I watched Rian’s Christmas tree video and was intrigued. Can this technique be used to. mitigate inverse tapper? I have a Japanese Maple that was destroyed by landscape company and I am trying to rescue it, but it has a large inverse tapper at the top junction of where it branches out. Any suggestions or resources?


Would you post a picture?

I would think trunk splitting a maple would be rough for that plant due to the high water mobility. I think timing and care would be critical! Maybe doing it slowly over a few seasons would be better…not sure.

Thanks so much for the feed back. I am attaching a picture and any suggestions of what to do would be greatly appreciated

Since there doesn’t seem to be branches in that location right now, I don’t think it’ll be a great candidate for a trunk split (even if you could do
it with a maple).

You might be able to carve some shari to take care of the swelling. Shari isn’t traditionally found on Japanese maples but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

You might also be able to thread graft or approach graft a branch below the swelling to help it start thickening the lower trunk but it might take a long time.

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I would be looking at an air layer

I agree, an air layer seems like a better option.

I would attempt both. Thread graft the bottom halfway up. Then airlayer the top third…


Maybe stick it in the ground and try to grow it up a size with one or two sacrifices? That might help develop the nebari and graft union a bit too.