Trophy 2023 video

Video by Bonsai Empire. Some amazing trees, a champion Pinus mugo, a finely ramified Pseudocydonia chinensis, a 2m wide Fagus sylvatica raft, a beast of cascading Larix, a futuristic Ulmus parviflora, a controversial shohin winner and more.

Forgot to mention maybe Ryan can do a critique?


Wish I could have gone this year!

The standard was higher yet again this year, a fantastic exhibition. Upon arriving early on Saturday it was immediately obvious that they had a hit on their hands as the car park was overflowing and the queue longer than ever before. A simply superb weekend.

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But that que was only a small price to pay. Managed to get everything I wanted, some nice pots (Tom Benda, Stone Monkey and Me and Raimondi) and a Corylopsis spicata.


What a nice collection of pots.
Good to hear that they came back strong. Next year then …

It was to long ago. Had a lovely time!