Trident Maple Root Over Rock Design

Hello everybody,

Two years ago I bought an Ibigawa stone (30cm tall) In spring I want to start a Trident Root over Rock Project with a two year old cutting and the stone. Do you have any design ideas? I tried to think about different positions where to put the trident on the stone. I would love to hear your ideas about this!


Nice rock @Max.
I started a trident root over rock last spring. I think when you remove the dirt from the tree the roots may well let you know where they want to be. Top left nook moving right looks strong, but your tree may have different ideas.
While on the subject, when I’d the best time of year to start exposing the roots?

Thanks Andy! Would love to see your trident. I would expose the roots when you would repot.

This is as far as I have got so far. 2 year old seedling, planted on the rock last spring. Most of the rock is still in the plastic pot.


Hey Max i started a root over rock trident after seen ryan in Live. Here in Brasil we dont have good rocks because of the sedimentary soil, so we have an bonsaist that make rocks and some material, and i buyed from him last summer, 1 year ago. Dave Benavente have awesome maples over rock


Hi Andy, thanks for sharing the picture. Please update the project.
Regards, Max

Hi Daniel, thanks. Did you plant the tree on the rock?
Regards, Max

hy max, the same guy that made the rock prepare the plant 6 years ago. is the only one here in my state that make this material but he makes the process looks easy, transplant to a rock using wires to secure the roots and put it ins a tall pot, every year bare 1cm and prune and select roots.

there are some pics of the initial material and transplant.