Trident maple possible broom style

Want to ask everyone’s opinion about my trident maple. If broom style is the way to go, or formal style is. I’ve v cut both trunks to get more possible branching. Opinions are very appreciated. Thanks

It may be difficult to create either a classic broom or a formal upright given how big the two trunks are vs the new branching and the lack of a perfect nebari without waiting well over a decade. I would suggest a more natural spreading upright tree where you let one of the new trunks on each of the major trunks thicken and develop the other as a more up and out spreading branch. This would continue on the new trunk extensions with some moderate change of direction with each cut back. At some point one of the new trunk extensions will be extended more than to the other to form the primary apex of the tree - the other will be a secondary apex.


Here is an update on my trident maple it’s been a struggle to get here , the tree wanting to grow and the root system trying to keep up with its needs. But it’s finally starting to balance out.