Trident Maple Knuckle

What is the best way to fix a large knuckle on a trident maple branch?

Could you post a photo?

Only way I know is to cut it out, and then apply cut paste to start the heeling process. But yeah, a photo would help.

Concave cutter, usually, but really depends on the thickness of the branch and location of the knob. Then use a razor/exacto to clean up with edges of the wound. Add cut paste. The more foliage the tree has the faster the healing process will be. You will have to go back and ‘shave’ down the callus from time to time, and repaste…timing will depend on how well it’s healing.

Or if it is really bad, cut back beyond the knuckle and redevelop making sure that you never allow more than 2 branches and any junction - that includes a main branch and a side branch.