Trees for shade areas

Hello Mirai team,

I was wondering if you could help me find trees that can be cultivated in the shade?
I have an area in my garden where I want to plant a tree (on the ground) but Im not sure what kind of tree is the best for areas of full shade.

mountain hemlock, maple

Not sure where you are and what climate you have but here in the PacNW, most alpine elongating species actually do well in the shade. Our native spruce, hemlock. thuja, etc. naturally grow in the shade (although they also do well with lots of sun).

Im in Ireland, so very wet climate, could get a bit windy…
I thought of a Maple too, but I was not sure it would work

Go talk to your local nursery guys. Local trees will always do better.
Ireland was stripped for firewood eaons ago. There ARE some pockets of native trees left. Ask permission and collect several small trees and seeds… 30 year plan ahead!
Plant two in the ground and three in bonsai pots…
Let us know what direction you do go!

Interestiong in-passing conversation… wife mentioned her knitting blog person in Ireland… was putting up a glassed in breakfast area addition … right next to their PALM tree…:rofl:

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@Guygas, yews will grow happily in the shade especially the Irish yew. Others such as hemlock (eastern) also do well in shade and provided they don’t get water logged will be fine, common hornbeam, common hawthorn, field maple, acer palmatum + varieties, common holly plus some other varieties are a few others to contemplate.

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Not sure what full shade entails… the vine maple is an under story tree. All forests have under story plants that use the early spring and late fall to gather energy.

Understory Trees – Mostly Native Shade