Tree ID and Suggestions

Hey I have a tree with great taper. It’s about 3 feet tall at the apex. I think it’s an American Beech but I am not sure. It’s in a large box 3 feet by 3 feet. I’d like to chop it down and put it in a training pot. I am not sure what to do first.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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A photo in leaf would be healpful. Or a dry leaf… I don’t recognise the leaf in the box in the second photo.
My beach holds onto the leaves until spring.
Something like this:
download (1)
Young beach trunks are gray with horizontal markings…
Kinda looks like that.

Black birch? Are they a local species?

Yeah a leaf picture would really help.

I have a birch (silver birch I think) that was a donor tree that has very similar bark at about 3 years old. It’s not a native tree where I live, but it’s popular as a landscaping tree and my neighbor a few doors down has a massive one.

Lenticels look like cherry to me.

I had origionally wanted to say Cherry (Prunus)because of the trunk , but Parker thought it was a beech. The buds and twig structure aren’t prunus…
Cherry birch…?
Still need a leaf photo…

I think you guys are right it looks like a birch. What would you do first cut it back or repot it? And when would you do this?

How hard are you thinking of chopping it? It looks fairly young, so you could probably do both. If you wanted to be more conservative I’d say cutback first and repot the following year.

I’d do it like a normal repot, just as the buds begin to swell and the leaves are about to come out.

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I was thinking about chopping it back to here. When would you suggest chopping it?

Reasonable chop location. What do you plan to do about the triple junction below that? You need to reduce the tree to two at that point to avoid swelling.

Are you talking about the blue or yellow portion? And to answer your question, I’m not sure. I had not given it any thought? Any suggestions would be helpful.

I was commenting on the set of branches below the ones marked in yellow. It is hard to tell from this angle, but an option for the ones in yellow is remove the one that forms the second trunk line leaving the major line to the front and the smaller branch that goes back. However, that does not give as much taper. It might be interesting to see a couple of pictures from different angles and a plainer background that focus on the area below the red line.

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I’m kinda late to the party. Already a year ago…well, looking at the size of the tree and the multitude of branches, why don’t you let it grow? It will gain a lot of strength and thicken the trunk way faster than being cut down. Hope it works out!

Greetings from Slovenia

@CPVS85 did you decide what this tree is? Or, what to do with It?