Timing of when to strip needles from leader in Telperion method

Regarding the Telperion grow bag method for JPB’s discussed in the podcast - I’m trying to recall when (season) specifically they recommended removing all needles other than on the new candles on the leader, to stimulate backbudding. Obviously this would need to be repeated with each years new growth, as long as the leader was present. I suspect it should be in June after the new candles have pushed out their needles, but I could also make a case for September. Anyway - I don’t recall that they actually mentioned the specific timing on this point, but may have missed it. Does anyone know specifically the timing on this?
Thanks in advance for any input.

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Only third year needles should be removed

Google’ AI Bard is just as likely to be making this up as actually scanning the transcript as I asked…I am not saying it is correct but Googles AI’s response …

The month mentioned about removing old needles from the asymmetry podcast is October. Chris Kirk and Gary Woods of Telperion Farms talk about their methods of field growing, especially needle removal, in the October 26, 2019 episode of the podcast. They recommend removing old needles in the fall, after the tree has finished growing for the year. They say that this will help to promote back budding and encourage new growth.

Here is a quote from the podcast:

“We needle pluck up to the growing tip, causing a large amount of back budding down the sacrifice. We do that in the fall, after the tree has finished growing for the year.” - Chris Kirk

I hope this helps!

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Great! Yes - I knew they removed all needles except the current year’s growth from the leader/sacrifice (but not from any other branches), to stimulate back-budding, but I couldn’t recall the timing. There was also some nuance as to how many whorls were left on the leader, that impacted how much trunk thickening you might get along with back budding …

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