Tie down strategy

Hello! Looking for a video that shows how to do a tie down in general or a repot with tie down specifically for a pine. Thanks in advance.

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There is not one way to do so. Various techniques will be used depending on the rootball stability and presence of structural roots for achoring. I would go through as many repotting videos and possible to see the various approaches used. Most important use at least three locations and learn what a block can do.

There is a video called “Anchor Strategy”. In the library filter for Technique and repotting and it is their somewhere in the list.

Although tie down is not so much species specific but more to do with the nuances of the root mass and stage of development.

Found it, it is mainly (important) theory though.

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Strongly recommend Scott Elser’s tie down guide from the Bonsai Society of Portland. One of the most useful documents with various ways to tie down a tree.

agree with Robert. there is no recipe for tying down and it is difficult with a “fresh” bonsai with no nice block of feeder roots to work with. have resources. have small pieces of wood, some chop sticks, and take your time to get it right. don’t settle for a wobbly tree and have someone with more experience help you on your first few. If wobbly when done, it only gets worse and not good for the tree.