Then. . . and Now (Member Photo Challenge)

Let’s try a thread similar to “The Bonsai Below Me” thread called Then. . . and Now. The idea is to post two photos of one of your trees, displays or collections, the way it looked way back when and the way it looks today. I’ll get us started with a Chinese elm I acquired as a pre-bonsai in 2000.



This is a trident maple that I purchased from TC Gardens in Vancouver, WA in 2001. It had been grown in the ground with Chinese styling. I tried to airlayer off the top and failed. the first picture is from 2004 after I cut off the airlayer and prepared to carve the stump on the back.

The second picture shows the sacrifice branches in 2013 to heal the wound and build some taper.

The last picture is from yesterday after I cut off the 5 ft. long sacrifice branches to build up the lower right branch. I need to build a bit more extension of that branch and get a more suitable pot other than the current unglazed oval which is a bit shallow.