Technique question re: Telperion field growing method

Hello all. Quick question regarding Telperion field growing technique: I know about the soil mix of 40% pumice, 40% bark fines and 20% composted manure, with the tree roots arranged radially over a tile within the grow bag. What is confusing me is whether the soil mix fills the entire grow bag, or whether it is only the portion above the tile, with native soil placed in the bag below the tile. I could have sworn they said they put native soil in the bottom of the bag. For some reason I cannot find the Telperion podcast to review this.
Anyone out there recall this nuance?

Thanks in advance.


Here’s the podcast if you want to listen.

Personally I use the same soil all around in the grow bags. It’s is also important to have a similar soil outside of the bag as inside.

I can’t directly answer your question, but am thinking of putting a less expensive (less pumice) mix in the bottom half of the container. My justification is that I’ll be removing those roots eventually.

I definitely think it should be said that you should modify the soil to fit your needs. I feel like a lot of Pacific Northwest growers love pumice because it is dirt cheap here (as well as being great for water/oxygen balance).

I think there is definitely more leeway in soil composition for ground growing and you don’t need to spend a lot on exotic soil components.

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Thanks for the link, Nick.