In ground root control bags

Anybody have information on the in ground root control bags mentioned in the Telperion Farms podcast? What brand of bag do they use? Or do you have something similar that you’re currently using?

@ThienXiang pointed me to a good resource here

I think this is the brand that Telperion Farms actually use.

The pond baskets and colander mimics the root maker in the concept of air-pruning. The way the root maker bag is designed is there are many protrutions/bumps around the bag that have holes for the roots to escape to (chasing the oxygen) and gets air-pruned when they get out of the soil - i think. If you want a cheaper option.

There are many fabric pots out there are constantly go on sale in grocery and hardware stores. It usually is on clearance at Fred Meyer (Washington and Oregon). If you have time, you can sew a pot using those reptile terrarium liners or similar product, weed barrier (fabric) maybe?

I had tried the fabric shopping bags :slight_smile: they also work.

I’m talking more about the root control BAGS not necessarily the pots with all the holes around the sides. I actually already use the rootmaker pots from this company.

What I’m looking at on the Rootmaker web site are the RootTrapperII bags. When I contacted the company about these bags they said they were made for above ground use. And that there was no point/benefit for putting them in the ground.

So I’m wondering if these are the bags that Telperion Farms uses but for some reason chooses to put them in the ground. Although if the roots can’t penetrate the bag material, whether they are these bags or some other bag, I guess I don’t see the logic behind putting them in the ground.

It sounds like even though the roots don’t penetrate the bag, there is still a bit of nutrient exchange around the edges and I’m sure the ground buffers the water and heat better.

I dont think they put the bags in the ground entirely. They said it still continues to air prune when the feeder roots hit the wall of the bag.
My guess is they bury the bag up to the same level as the barrier/tile. This way, the roots that grow horizontally over the tile and towards the bag wall gets air pruned and further develops the nebari, and the roots that go down for water gets trapped within the bag, except for the escape roots.
Just a thought.

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I wonder if this is the product they are using -

I sent Telperion Farms an email to try and get a little more information. Haven’t heard back yet. I’ll post back here if/when I do.


Gary, thats a Great idea! Thanks, Max

Just heard back from Chris @ Telperion Farms. The root control bags they use do come from this place -

I’m in the process now of contacting treebag,com to get some pricing information. Unfortunately their bags come in large quantities of 200 to 250. If the price per bag is reasonable I might see if a few people here might want to split an order.


Let me know. Which state are you in?

I’m in the Buffalo/Rochester, NY area.

Too bad they don’t ship outside the US, if anyone knows an affordable European source please let me know :grinning:

Just heard back from Good news is they don’t require ordering a case at a time. But they do have a minimum order of 100 bags, but you can mix and match the different sizes. They also mentioned that Telperion Farms orders their 10" size.

Here’s their pricing:
10" - $2.07
12" - $2.39
14" - $2.81
16" - $3.45

If anybody is interested in splitting an order of 100 bags let me know.

They also sent me an information sheet on “16 Steps to Remember When Using Root Control Bag-In Ground”. Unfortunately it’s a pdf file and I can’t upload it here. If you would like to see a copy send me a private message here with your email address.

I just bought 20 5 gallon bags from here:

Not sure about the quality ofcourse…

@gary1218 did you ever look into splitting up an order of bags from treebag?

For my first order I was able to place an order for just 30 bags. Somebody else here was able to place an order of 25 bags. Not sure when the minimum order of 100 bags kicks in. But for now I should be good for a while :slight_smile:

My aliexpress 12" rootbags arrived 25 days after ordering them. Looks like ok quality. Going to try a few of them out next spring. If they fall apart by next summer I can always use the rest as shopping bags… No big loss at $1.5 a piece.

I started using the above bags today. Let’s see how long they will last…