Taxus first style

Styled this big yew in early winter after the first frost and is now greenhoused until spring.
I’ll let grow free and feed well next year to regain some vigour.
It’s around 24 inch tall and 24 inch wide.
Please feel free to critique

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Overall I like it and look forward to seeing the development over the next few years. I am not a fan of the low branch from the main trunk that crosses the smaller trunk down low. In addition, the two apices are currently out of synch - the main trunk is very blunt, while the smaller trunk is tapered due to the branch that is wired up. I can the smaller trunk being shorter in the future and the doing some carving to give more taper to the bigger trunk.

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Good first iteration. When you next work on it I think the two jins (one either side) of the upper (main) trunk should be shortened and made more into shari. This will give a better appearance of taper on the main trunk. I can’t wait to see it in two years time when the pads are full . Keep us updated.

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Thanks guys… Yeah I agree with all your points.
Future of this tree
… Early autumn 2021 I will be looking at the jins and tapering the main trunk with carving and possibly re wireing the main branches into their final position ( maybe try to get a little more angle down on the shoulders).
…repot in late spring 2022 (taxus don’t usually bud break till April in UK so a bit later than other species)
… Late autumn 2022 style secondary branches and lay them pads out.
… First frost of 2022 prune back to a secondary branch shape if the tree is strong enough after the repot, if not this will be furtilised well and left until late 2023.

By 2026 the fine roots should have developed and some classic alpine style pads be ready to possibly to display.

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Update fall 2021.
Rewired branches for chosen front


I like what you have done with this. Definitely addressed the issues I had with the first wiring.

I agree with Marty, the tree looks great. It will only get better from now on. Good job!

Thanks lads lookin forward to working the dead wood on this one

Tree’s looking good! With such a thick trunk you might not have to worry about this, but I’d be super careful with that thick wire passing horizontally over the trunk. It would be terrible to get horizontal scars in any of those positions.