Starting tiny pots?

My friend gave me the tiniest of pots, but I’m not sure where to even begin with it.

Is this size for seedlings or from seed only? And what kind of soil size particles to use? The smallest tree thread is very cool. But where to start?


Super small Bonsai are doable. I used to love doing them.
Use 1/10" soil mix with some fine mulch for moisture retention.
The link below has some…

Grew out of it. Mostly 10- 36" bonsai now.

Expect frustration in keeping the above size potted tree alive though. I used to put them in a cool terrarium over winter, they never seem to be able to take the cold, 15F, winter dessication. Although, in Simi Valley, Ca. you should have better weather…
I usually start with a seedling or cutting slip. Clip n grow. Very little wire.
I suggest you start companion plants in the smaller pots. Mosses, grasses, sedges, mini flowering plants, and succulents. Much more rewarding.

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Eric Shraeder’s Bonsaify channel on Youtube has several videos about super mini bonsai. Here’s one example.

Bonsaify | Two Key Steps to Shrinking Your Mini Bonsai - YouTube

Small leaf shrubs tend to make good mame size bonsai, such as cotoneaster, lonicera and even chinese juniper (if you want to keep things in proportion that is).To keep them moist in summer make a suiban from any plastic tray, fill with gravel and water it. Pace the pot on top of this and the humidity from the suiban will substantially reduce water loss. Most of these are also winter hardy so an unheated greenhouse will suffice in a normal temperate climate.

You can use for accents or kusamono.