Starting Seeds Out of Season

So this afternoon I received an assortment of seeds, because apparently I have a tree collection problem, but some of the recommended cold stratification times put me about a month (or two with some protection) away from the onset of winter conditions; the miserable Canadian kind.

I can provide winter protection or, as a worst case, bring trees inside with my tropicals to ride out the inhospitable weather. Do you reckon it’s better to get things started and have 2-4 month old seedlings ride out the winter in some fashion or should I do the much less fun thing and wait to start them for next spring?

Hi @Dbanks,
You could try sowing half now and store the other half in the fridge until the recommended time? All the timing recommendations in horticulture are advice on giving us the best odds. There is always another way, but you may have to work harder for it.

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If you can provide protection, I think you can almost start seeds at anytime. You will need to transition them to the normal growth cycle next year.

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Thank you both, I was absolutely overthinking it; somehow splitting the seeds to do both didn’t even occur to me. I’ll get planting and see what happens!