Has Anyone Germinated Japanese White Pine Seeds?

Hi all. Today I was able to collect 10 seeds from a Japanese White pine that had cones what were open.

Has anyone ever germinated JWP seeds? What technique and timing should be used?

Thanks for any advice.


Soak in water for 24 hrs.
Warm stratification for 60 days.
Cold stratification for 90 days.
I mix sphagnum moss and horticultural sand 2:1. Then add sulfur powder to prevent molds.
Here in PNW, I do the warm stratification indoors on heat mats. For the JWP, I’d start it early-mid October, then either put them in the fridge or outside after 60 days of warm strat.

I have some ponderosa, shore pines, JBPs, bristlecone and chihuahuan pines using this method. Used fridge last year because animals trashed my seed bed 2 years ago.
Haven’t tried JWP though. Likely the same concept.

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Ok. Thanks. I’m in Southern Ontario so we get a fairly cold winter usually. I could put the seeds in my garage for the winter to cold stratify. I don’t have any heat mats, but I’ll look around and see what I can find.

Thanks very much again!

Room temp might be good enough if you keep it at around 70-80F. I haven’t tried just showing them outdoors in late summer and let nature take care of the seeds.
I have Doug firs growing everywhere in my yard.