Soil Science: UN-Blowing Your Mind Part 1—Understanding the soil food web

@AndyK @Ralph and @Nate_Andersen , I thought I’d “unblow” your minds a bit by providing you with more information on what Ian has been talking about in the Asymmetry podcasts. Like you, I’ve enjoyed them immensely and have been doing a lot of research on the subject. Here’s some of the best sources of information and straight from Ian’s, Keisha’s, and Casey’s idol too—Dr. Elaine Ingham,.

In this podcast, from just a couple weeks ago, she talks about the microbe and plant interrelationship and starts to get into compost. She’s explains things in very simple-to-understand ways. Her summarizing term for explaining how nutrients get from minerals to the microbes and then to the plant as the “poop loop” is classic.

This is the weblink to the podcast and has the podcast notes it mentions. The notes don’t do justice to her way of explaining things. Search “Joe Gardner and the episode number from your podcast app to if you want to hear it that route. Either way, please listen to the podcasts to gain a better understanding of whole soil biology issue.

Understanding the Soil Food Web. Joe Gardener Episode 116

This is the follow on to episode 116 where they complete their discussion on compost and its extracts and teas. Remember, an extract is for a soil drench. A tea is for foliar application.

Compost, Compost Tea and the Soil Food Web. Joe Gardener Episode 117

There will be a third Q & A podcast with Dr. Ingham because Joe got so many questions on the subject. Check back on his site for that episode.

Dr. Ingham also wrote the Soil Biology Primer for the USDA. It also explains the soil food web and the various, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other critters in the soil and compost. Here’s a link to it. Links to its subsequent short chapters are on the left side of the page.

USDA NRCS Soil Biology Primer

It’s all a lot to digest. I hope this helps.