Slow shishishagira growth

So I purchased two poor looking shishishagira’s last fall from a nursery after they had taken some clear abuse during the hot summer. I nursed them thru fall, lightly fertilizing and caring for them to get them to recover and survive winter. That did survive, and I did a repot on both in spring, placing in air pots with perlite/cococoir medium. My goal is to use them as mother trees for my grow operation. One woke up and took off this spring( as much as a shishishagira will), the other is struggling, very slow to wake up, leaves emerging very sporadic. Any one with experience with this variety and how to help this tree recover and energize it? Repot was done with Hormex repot solution to help with repot stress, no fertilizer yet, it’s in morning sun in a protected bench.
Thanks for any suggestions in advance!

Best advise imo would be not to fertilize a weak tree and get the balance of water/oxygen right.

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Thanks, I’m confident that I’ve got that part covered with the re-pot, it’s in perlite grow medium with 10% organic content, in an air pot. I’ll give it a few weeks and see how it is progressing and re-evaluate it then.

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Although perlite will work some more organic content will work better for decideous, I mainly use pumice, bark and nursery mix in equal parts. Sound like it will be fine but they might take a slow year.