Silver fir collection

Hi everybody

My name is riccardo and I live in Europe (born in Italy moved to Ireland, Dublin 2/3 years ago). I started to collect my own material also here. And so here I am disturbing you with questions.

I have found some good specimens of silver fir (abies alba) in a place close to my house and I collected one this spring (middle March) from an altitude of 700 m from sea level. I collected what seemed to me the whole root ball no major cut of any root. But the tree is still not pushing at all. Species collected this spring are fine. Planted in pomice keep protected from the wind. The tree is not superold.

Decided for this timing in collection because here they have good success with elongating species doing like that. Now I’m worried that for silver fir it would be better to wait until they have pushed the first set of growth (so I immagine late May to June) and the new growth has hardened off.

Do you have any suggestions about silver fir collection? Any nuance particular of this species?
Every help to make understand is more than accepted.