Silica Spray Procurement Woes

Howdy Mirai family,

I recently watched some of the videos hailing the positive effects of silica and wanted to get some since I have a couple of trees showing some signs of stress. Eden’s blue gold silica was mentioned specifically by Ryan as being highly recommended by Apical. I went to Apical’s website and saw they only offered what I guessed would amount to a lifetime supply for me, so I tried to find it elsewhere. I went to Eden’s website and found they sold a smaller bottle there. However, when I went to check out I kept getting a google captcha error. I’m real google, trust me. After many frustrating failed attempts to checkout I decided I’d go back and get the big bottle from Apical. It’s supposed to be the bees knees after all, right? But then I kept getting errors popping up during checkout on Apical’s website too! Anyway, I ultimately gave up on Eden’s Silica and I got some Silica Gold off of Amazon.

So I was just wondering… 1) has anyone else had so many issues getting Eden’s products, or is it just me? And 2) has anyone used the Silica Gold stuff before and have anything positive or negative to say about it?

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I have gotten a few items straight from the Eden blue gold site. The customer service is really helpful, maybe try just giving them a call?

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Good to know. I tend to do all my shopping after normal business hours. Too busy during the day. I should have just been patient and e-mailed them though.

BlueGold® Silica (OMRI Listed) – BlueGold® by Eden Solutions (

$26 for 32 oz. I literally just bought a bottle. Try using Chrome as your web browser as recommended.

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