Sifting Screens

I just purchased some Gold Panning Sifting Screens from Midland Tools (local hardware/tool store), for my Bonsai Soil. There are 5 screens - 1/2", 1/4", 1/8", 1/12" and 1/20" for $80 Canadian. They stack onto a 5 gallon pail and I think would be good for the home bonsai enthusiast. Won’t use the 1/20, but for the price and how sturdy they are, I think will work great.


I use the 1/8-1/10 size for very small trees, and the 1/10 -1/20 for starting seeds ( mixed with compost).
The rest goes on the lawn. Slow fertilizer…
They stand up well for gem sifting and gold mining, too!

I got the same thing from Amazon a couple of years ago. They work great!