Looking for drainage screen to use under soil

Does anyone know the type of drainage screen that Mirai uses to keep soil contained within the pot? I like the fact that one can tear it to size. I’ve always just cobbled stuff together.

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It’s just bonsai mesh and most if not all bonsai suppliers sell it. It’s more rigid than garden mesh which is available from nurseries so it can be torn to size (i use garden mesh as it is way way cheaper and just as good. I have some I’ve been using well over 10 years.

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I’ve been using this type of mesh forever. You can find it in various sizes, and I use small stuff for shohin. Just be sure to get the sturdy stuff, and not the thin, almost cloth like stuff.

The one I use is about 2 mm thick. I’ve used it on trees that don’t get repotted for three or four years and it holds up just fine.

I go to Michaels Arts and Crafts and get a sheet of plastic mesh used for cross stitching. Its like a buck for a big sheet.

I got a roll of sturdy insect window screen. Works perfectly to cover drainage holes in pots.

I use 1/8" (3 mm) wire mesh, also known as hardware cloth. It has a much higher open area than the plastic screen, but has to be cut with metal snips or a pair of shears you don’t plan to use for nice clean cuts.