Schau dir "Demo: Ryan Neil styling a Sierra Juniper at BonsaiKunst Hamburg 2020" auf YouTube an


Thanks for sharing. Wasn’t aware of this one.

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too bad I missed it too.
I do live not far away from Hamburg, so it would have been a good chance to meet Ryan.

I think the event was virtual this year due to COVID-19.

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Also if anyone wants to watch the original BSOP demo for this tree, it’s up on YouTube here

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quick feedback. This is an english forum, so posting in english would make some sense. And even in german the headline sounds like a cheap spam bot. A little bit of background on the “event” would have helped (imo).

Thanks for sharing!
They’ve done a great job with all of the demos they have on youtube for this event.

Sorry for posting in german my phone was in auto translation mode an i thougt it would do it both ways…
The exhibiton was planed by Heike v Gunst and me.
My inspiration came from Ryans Spectrum exhibiton.
All Infos in german and englisch on

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You shouldn’t feel like you need to apologize or even acknowledge that comment above, @Jens. In this day and age we are all just a Google search away from finding out what events are, or hell, even getting text translated for us. :roll_eyes:

Great work on the event! I really enjoyed the quality and content of the vid series.


I agree Raymond. Plus I think it pretty self explanatory even though some bits may be in German…

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@Jens, no need for any apology. I just feel it is a missed opportunity to promote a nice event.
unfortunately some feel that a feedback is not welcome in this day and age anymore, but well

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